HI! :)

Hi friends! Thanks for being here. 

I just wanted to give a quick intro and update on what's going on! 

So hi, I'm BENZ :) Also known as Mercedes. I live in Utah and I loooove to sing. I even taught my husky how to sing, and it's great. 

I make pop/R&B music (think Halsey vibes) and will be releasing a bunch of new music SO SOON!

I've been writing and recording my first EP Album and it's FINALLY finished! I'm so freaking excited. Get ready.

Hope you're all staying safe and healthy during quarantine. And that you have enough TP. ;)

Make sure that you're following me on IG @benz.music and FB @originalbenz and that you've signed up for my email list. That way you get cool emails about posts like these ;)

Much love,