Happy New Year!

2022 was a WILD ride. I'm so thankful for all of the opportunities that came into my life last year and for each of you who came to my shows, bought merch, and streamed my music.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my post a few days ago about all of the things that happened in 2022 that I'm proud of. But in case you missed it, here it is (sorry in advance if this picture comes out ginormous): 

It was important for me to share all of this for 3 reasons:

1) I feel really f$&%ing proud of myself!!

2) Sharing things that you've worked hard for somehow makes them real? Obviously these things happened, they're real, but showing other people the behind-the-scenes of what I've worked on and accomplished takes it out of my own bubble and puts it into yours. As if your eyes viewing this validates it. Bit trippy, but I dig it. 

3) Perspective. Being an independent musician is a terrible career choice. Honestly. It's the worst lol. Minimal to no pay, you have to do everything yourself, hours are terrible, and it f*cks with your head. I try to be fairly open about my mental health struggles, and being a full-time musician has made my anxiety sky-rocket at times. It's insanely easy to get bummed out, compare my success to others, feel talentless, hopeless, like I'm not doing enough, and even want to give up. 2022 was full of those feelings. But making this list of everything I've accomplished gave me the perspective I needed to feel like I'm not a total failure, this isn't a waste of time, I am talented, and most importantly, that I'm not giving up. 

I hope that you are proud of yourself for everything that you did in 2022! I bet you'll surprise yourself like I did with just how much you accomplished. Give yourself the credit, love, and grace that you deserve. 


Btw...I started working on an album...but more on that later. ;) 

Much love, 


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