EP is Locked n' Loaded

Hey y'all, I'm so stoked to finally announce the release date of my EP....

In a couple of weeks ;)

Sorry if I got your hopes up, but I'll be announcing the release oh so soon. Even sooner if you are signed up for my email list! AND after you sign up you will also get access to the newest song that I'm working on. Which, ngl, is preeetty freakin' dope so you're gonna wanna hear it. (If you are signed up already and want access to the song, send me a DM on Instagram or email me at  benzmusic23@gmail.com and I'll send it to you!)

Anyways, back to business. 

The EP is coming and I'm working on getting some shows lined up for the release. I seriously can't wait to share the EP with you all. It's been a long time coming and I am over the moon excited for you guys to hear it all in one piece. My good friend Oba and I wrote this EP almost 2 years ago now. The most amazing thing to me about this whole experience is that some of the lyrics that we wrote back in 2019 mean so much more to me now than they did when we wrote it. Keep the Change, for example, was the song that I had the least amount of connection to at the time. But now, it perfectly mirrors my life.

So crazy. Music is wild. 

I hope you guys are staying safe and not getting the Rona. 

As always, thank you for the support. I couldn't do this without you. 

Much love,


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